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Life Design with Kristen

Take control and create the life you want.

Rediscover what matters most, realize true fulfillment, redefine life on your terms.


You’re one step closer to positive change!

How do I know?

The fact that you’re on this site means one thing:

You’ve had enough of the mediocre.


I am here to guide you.

  • Reconnect with your inner badass and start feeling excited about your life

  • Get to the heart of what really matters to you

  • Start living a life that’s aligned with your purpose

  • Feel confident and take actions that naturally support you in reaching your goals

  • Start moving in the direction that’s right for you

  • Design the life you want and ensure your journey takes you exactly where you want



Life Design Coaching & Retreats


Who is Life Design for?

Your Compass Within Life Design Coaching
is for YOU if

  • You feel unhappy, unfulfilled, stuck in a rut... but you can’t figure out why.
  • You have a constant nagging feeling that your business or career is not right for you… but you have no idea what your passion is or how to find it.
  • You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. You feel like you’re going through the motions.
  • You know there is more.

 Everything Is Possible

I’m Kristen. I guide people to achieve the life they’ve always wanted to lead.

I’m not crazy lucky. All I did was follow my inner compass. And I can guarantee that, if you do the same, you will be able to design the life you want.

A few years ago, my marriage had just ended and I was stuck in a corporate job, until that job ended before I had a plan. What I know now, is that being stuck in the job was the problem, not it ending.

Since then, I have spent time traveling in Bali and have identified solutions and actions that have given me clarity and purpose. I’ve gone from dreading waking up, to embracing sunrises. My life has changed 360 degrees - and I will help you do the same.

Want more info on me? Read my full story.

Full Name

Kristen Franey

Current Location

Bali, Indonesia

Born & Raised

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

What I Am


Who I Am

Experience Seeker
Health Enthusiast
Coffee Fanatic


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