Spinning Plates

Last week, I launched my website. I was uber excited! The launch came after many weeks of frustration, joy, personal introspection, and lots of learning [I now have terms like DNS servers and GDPR compliant cookie protocol in my regular vocabulary!]

In the past, when I met a challenge, my natural inclination was to give up, to step aside and move onto something else. If I couldn’t be the best at something, I didn’t want to do it at all. Gymnastics? I was pretty good, but couldn’t do handsprings so moved on. Swimming? I was pretty good, but early starts were too much of an obstacle. And, this wasn’t reserved only for sport.

So, designing my own website and launching it was a massive challenge for me. In the past, I was able to call one of the IT guys with any of my myriad questions relating to anything IT. Setting up my brand and my business, I don’t have an IT department to call. I am the IT department, and this is a scary idea!

So, when my website was launched and I had amazingly positive reaction, I excitedly thought, Nailed it! And moved on to thinking about the the next best thing to do!

Boy, do I have a list of ideas! My diary was quickly filled with tons of things to do: course creation, more and new market research, beta tests, starting a new course, new IT systems to learn, and on and on. Remember those guys that spun the plates on top of long poles, getting each one going to the right speed before moving onto getting another started and in between checking to make sure none that were already spinning were about to go out of control till they had bunches of plates spinning?

I barely had one plate going.

And I had overwhelm.

I quickly realised, though, that just because my website was launched, didn’t mean I had achieved success in one area and that I could move my focus on to something else. I’ve been launched for 1 week. I still need to focus my energy and attention on building this exciting aspect of my business, before I can move on to the next. I need to get one friggin’ plate going before I move to the next.

I’m not the best at it. Yet. I’m still learning and building my craft, as well as figuring out social media marketing and all those other things that come along with setting up a new business.

So, I refocused. I went back to my October objectives, and realigned them to my original mission: Build my business as a bad-ass coach helping other people get unstuck and live a life they love.

I found a resilience that has not always been easy for me to come by.

But, it’s like cooking: somethings take more time to marinate or stew, and not everything can be on high heat all the time. A little simmering on the back burner is fine, as long as your attention is where it should be to get each element right.

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