Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.

A couple of years ago i decided to skydive on Leap Day. I figured, we were given an extra day and I wanted to do something crazy and make the most out of it! I should tell you I don’t like small craft. Small boats? Don’t like ‘em! Small planes? I like them even less. Yet, here I was, making a conscious decision to launch myself out of one. At least I’d be getting out!

The day of the jump was cloudy - in Dubai, where it’s never cloudy. I waited and waited until finally, blue skies, and my name was called over the loud speaker. My safety briefing consisted of crazy Rob with the crazier red hair telling me, Just remember: Banana, knees together, legs up. And a few minutes later I was walking toward the smallest plane I’d ever been in.

I sat next to Rob, and he checked that my seat belt was securely fastened, and chatted endlessly to keep me distracted from the fact I was about to jump. About halfway up, they opened the door. Holy shit! I’ve never been in a plane with the door open! On a bench seat. Rob then unfastened my seat belt. What the actual fuck? I was on a bench heat, with no seat belt, and an open door a few feet away. Don’t worry, Rob said. You’re clipped into me now. Oh, great. That’s reassuring. And then I came un-clipped. Rob? Rob? ROB?!? I’M NOT CLIPPED! I imagined being sucked out. Because what else would you think? And then, Rob clipped back in and we were ready to jump.

In fairness, I was ready to get out of the blasted plane. But I was not really ready for the moment of stepping to the edge. And seeing everything so tiny down below. Fuck, we were high!

And then we went. I’m not sure I actually jumped myself, or how much of it was Rob. But I was jumping. And swearing. A lot. i have never said Fuck so many times in a row. Or so loud. Or with so many word combos. I made shit up. Loudly. Damn, girl! What would your mother say if she could hear you? She’d be even more creative, I assured him.

And then, I settled a bit and it was magical. Will Smith describes it as Bliss. And he’s right. And the lesson he has taken? All the best things in life are on the other side of fear. And, again, he’s right.

For so long in my life I was frozen by fear. Afraid to make a change, afraid to walk into new places by myself, afraid, afraid, afraid. I put on a brave face, but behind it was overriding fear in so many situations.

When my job finished, the fear was immense, but conflicting. On one hand, was fear of going back to doing the same thing I had done for 20+ years, in a new unknown company. What if it wasn’t any better or more secure? And on the other hand, what if I fail at starting my own business? Fear. I was literally crippled and unable to make any decision because I was afraid of both outcomes.

And then I asked myself, what’s the worst that can happen?

Since then, I’ve been working on facing my fears. And appreciating that fear in itself isn’t bad. It’s indecision, inactivity, failing to take action, failing to face my fears that is bad.

F.E.A.R by Ian Brown is on playing on repeat. I’m using it as a reminder to reframe my fears. Fear can also be:

Fantastic Expectations Amazing Revelations

Finding Everything And Realising

Fear challenges us to grow. Who would have thought that the Fresh Prince would turn out to be so wise. Because, as he says, fear tells us lies. It leads us to believe we can’t or we’ll fail. Instead, I’m reminding myself that the best things in life are on the other side of fear.

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If you haven’t yet, check out Will Smith on Fear here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsTBCQ2MnRM

And listen to Ian Brown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f8wAXDZ9D0