The Short One

This week, I left Bali to go home to the States. I have been filled with a crazy mix of emotions: excitement to see my family, especially for the holidays; dread of cold weather; frustration that my stuff that is being shipped from Malaysia [including all my winter clothes except one pair of jeans and 2 sweaters] is still on a boat; a little sadness at saying goodbye to friends I’ve made in Bali that I may not see again; fear that my routine would be disrupted and I’d lose all productivity.

I realised this one was actually holding me back for quite some time. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a growing to-do list, but lacked the motivation to get started on achieving any of it. And I realised about 10 days into November that I hadn’t even determined my November goals. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to continue growing my brand, that I stopped growing myself. Leaving Bali felt like an end, and I found it difficult to get started on new things.

I was sinking back into my old ways. I’ve been busy, but not productive, feeling as if I should be ‘working’ rather than enjoying connecting with new people and growing my business.  I was so worried about not being resilient, that I wasn’t resilient.  With the help of my coach, I realized it was my own headspace that was keeping me from getting shit done.

I’ve read articles and listened to podcasts and read some more.  I’ve Googled and searched and did I mention I read shit?  I’ve been busy!  But I haven’t gotten much done.  I can, however, recommend a podcast that helped me come to my senses. It had been open in my browser for about a week, and I kept putting it off because I was so … busy. Amy Porterfield’s podcast with Brooke Castillo was perfect this week. If only I’d listened last week instead!

Last week, I wrote about FEAR, and overcoming fears and the freedom that comes along with it.  And so many of my friends have posted about their fears and embracing or overcoming them in the past week, that I know how I’m feeling isn’t uncommon or weird or abnormal.  But thinking about it any longer isn’t going to help me or anyone else.

So, this week’s post is short.  Because I’m off to get shit done.

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Listen to Amy Porterfield and Brooke Castillo here: