Work in Progress

Don't you just love those reminders that come up on Facebook? You know the ones: See your memories and all the awesome stuff you were doing this time last year! they shout. For a while, I did actually dislike them massively. They were supposed to be reminders of all the fab things that had happened in my life. But in reality, I'd been through a few less than pleasant years, and having reminders in the midst of that time wasn't always welcomed.

The other day, I had a reminder from three years ago come up. It's a picture of a piece of street art in mid-creation. The image was made entirely of brown packing tape, layered strategically against a backlit white background to create depth. The artist had clearly taken a break as he was nowhere to be seen.

When I posted it to Facebook three years ago, I commented: Work in progress. When I saw it, I thought it was a perfect representation of where I was in my life at the time: on the cusp of being completed. I was a work in progress that would soon be finished.

Three years later, I realise that, rather than being on the cusp of completion, I am fully embracing the journey.

Truth is, I had to go through all that shit all those years ago to get to this point today. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Did I want to go through the lowest feelings of why I wasn't good enough for someone else, that totally wrecked my confidence? At the time, no. Am I stronger now because of it? Hell yes.

My journey is far from complete. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. I worked out [which lately sets me up for a great day!] and it was pretty grey and rainy. When I got back to my guesthouse after coffee and a coconut, I cried. I had all the sad emotions, and I didn't know why. I still don't really, I just know that I embraced the crappy feeling, stayed in and took care of myself with cups of tea and binge-watching Queer Eye.

And, rather than beat myself up for having an off day, I accepted it. The me that thought she would be ‘complete’ one day would have been frustrated and angry for feeling a bit sad [especially without having any clue what brought on the sadness!]. The me on this journey is embracing it all, knowing that every emotion adds to the layers and depth, and knows that all the steps that have gotten me here have given me the skills, outlook and mindset to be the best me.

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