Do The Thing.

Ok, so I did another Thing. This Thing has been bugging me for a while, and I decided I needed to take my own advice and JFDI.

You see, when I stopped working, I started gaining weight. It was pretty slow at first, and this made sense since I was so much less active. My job had required me to travel just about every other week - and this often meant mad dashes through the airport in Kuala Lumpur, which is surprisingly long, no matter which terminal you are in. It also required a lot of time on my feet, walking through malls. [This was often at pace because my flights were delayed and I had 2 more stores to get to that day, or I was pacing as I took another stressful call that lasted for what seemed forever from my boss.] When I stopped working, I still walked places, but the stress was gone, the pacing was gone, and I had a lot of time to get where I needed to be.

Then I went home to the States for Christmas. And ate all the cheese. I'd be surprised if I didn't create a shortage. You can blame me if your local food store is out of your favourite aged farmhouse cheddar; I probably ate it.

And I got back to Bali and nothing fit. Even my 'comfy' shorts that were actually a little too big. No chance of buttoning them.

So, I decided I would do something about it. I walked on the beach every morning. It's hot in Bali, though, so it was just as easy to find an excuse NOT to go as it was to go. I settled into a routine, and walked on the beach about 4 times in 2 weeks, telling myself I was on the right path.

Even though I knew I wasn't. I was telling myself a story to make me feel less bad, but I wasn't doing anything about The Thing: the exercise with conviction.

So, I reached out through one of my girls' groups [they're the best!] and got a recommendation for a personal trainer. Rather than think about it and wonder if I should really do this, I just did it. I sent a message. We met the next morning for coffee and talked for about an hour and a half, and I hired him. What I know is that I need some accountability, at least until I'm started. So, why hadn't I just done it before? I did exactly what I talked about last week. I worked out all the worst case scenarios: I wouldn't like him; he'd push me too hard; it wouldn't be fun; I'd have to get up too early in the morning... Heard any of these before?

I hadn't asked myself what could be the BEST thing that could happen. [Let's not get ahead of ourselves, here... The BEST thing would be magically getting healthy overnight, but we all know that's not realistic.] What happened instead? He's fab and we get along well; he's pushing me, but within limits and not too much; I laughed all the way through my workout; he's not a morning person either! 9:15 AM starts with the instructions to not set an alarm? BINGO! Best trainer in the world!

After today's session, we walked along the beach back to my street and went for coffee. Did I mention he's the best trainer in the world? Coffee!

It was there, sipping our coffees that he asked me an interesting question: What do I think is the link between deciding not to take action and fear? I know that fear has a major impact on our lives. But, consider this: Fear impacts our indecision more significantly than our decisions to not act.

It's the fear of all the possible worst case scenarios that keep us from making any decision, leaving us in a state of indecision. Rather than decide, we take no decision and no action. We find ourselves stuck and hoping for something to change, rather than taking action to make the changes we so desperately need.

We relinquish control.

Deciding to take action means that we are taking back that control of our lives, even if it's just one small step to start with. [Like me searching a group on Facebook for recommendations.] It means that we have already recognised our fears, and are making a conscious decision to face them head on and make an educated decision about how we want to move forward, rather than letting our lives control us through indecision.

Fear impacts our indecision more than it impacts our actions. Once we can recognise what we may be afraid of, making a decision and subsequently taking action is the next logical step.

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