S*%t's About to Get Real

Did you know that people post things on Instagram and if they don’t have an immediate amount of likes, they delete the whole post? A friend told me this, and all I could think was, What the H-E -Double Hockeysticks??? Like, the entire point for them is to get fame from Insta. I mean, deep down I’ve known that this type of thing is a thing - it’s what’s created Influencers, obvs. But, how misaligned are we getting that we don’t even put stuff out into the world if a certain number of people won’t like it?

Are we aware of just how manipulated these ‘real life’ images are? We’re talking beyond photoshop and filters, my friend. We are talking full on makeup in tropical heat, wardrobe changes, paid photo shoots to take you to the Most Instagrammable Spots in [insert beautiful location here]... and then DELETING THE PICTURE because not enough people liked it. Just let that sink in, especially when you are comparing your gorgeous amazing self to the beauties in those IG feeds and stories you follow.

Think about this one: Every email you get after you sign up for someone’s mailing list [like a freebie or a download follows a certain pattern and formula. Here you are, thinking that they think you are special because that random person you signed up to hear from just used your name in the subject line. First, you get a welcome email, and then I bet the likelihood is you get about 6 more emails. Most are not selling to you [at least they don’t seem to be] and in between those lovely messages checking that you are ok and offering some words of wisdom are a couple that extol the virtues of signing up for their online class or buying something amazing. This is a thing. [Also, you ARE special, just because you are. Not because MailChimp inserts first names into emails.]

The more I get into expanding my business and wanting to share my story honestly and genuinely, the more I am torn between using these ‘formulas’ to reach the most people and staying true to myself.

I guarantee that if I put something out there, it’s me. I may have taken a couple of pictures to make sure an eye wasn’t closed and picked the best one to post, but what you see with me is what you get. I won’t look the same as that stick-thin influencer who is in the jungles of Bali with a waterfall behind her, nary a hair out of place and a full face of makeup. I will be the woman who is telling it like it is, muddy from slipping on the way up, with a cute bead of sweat that makes me look like I have a moustache, grateful my strong ass clambered over the boulders.

And, most of the time my eyes will be open; but I’ll always be laughing because I’m enjoying the journey.

PS - Thanks MOM for joining me in this pic! ❤ You are always Insta ready!

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