Still don't know what I was waitin' for...

Change your mindset, they said.

It’s easy, they said.

Well, is it?

I bet you’ve tried to change your mindset, like really thought about it and focused on it, and still somehow got the same results.

Did you consider that it’s simple, but maybe not so easy?

Consider my recent mishap with the scooter and the wall. A few years ago I rode a bicycle in Vietnam and ran into a wall, the whole time thinking to myself, The wall is getting closer. It didn't stop me from hitting it. And this time, on a motorized vehicle, I did exactly the same. Now, the scooter did have a fault [with the accelerator which is what actually physically propelled me toward the wall], but it was my mindset that allowed it to happen. One of my favourite quotes is, That which you manifest is before you. So, I was thinking of the wall, I was remembering when I ran into the wall the last time, and I was saying, Don't run into the wall. And all my brain computed was - Aha! A wall, let's run into it!

Think of it this way. You're having a crazy emotional day, and you don't really know why. You just know you're feeling a little fragile. And then, you're called into a meeting and your boss gives you feedback on a project you knew wasn't your best, but today of all days you don't want to hear it. So, you smile through, outwardly showing appreciation for the feedback while you do everything you can to hold it together on the inside, thank your boss and walk out into the office filled with your colleagues, all the while saying to yourself, Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry... And this works, until someone politely holds the door open to the hallway and instead of thanking them, you burst into tears. Why? Because your brain heard cry, and did. Just like my brain heard wall and I smacked into it.

So, here you are, trying to change your mindset in a non-lifechanging situation, and it's not worked. You've done exactly what you always do, which is cry when you are trying to tell yourself not to. And, then I bet you get frustrated and all you want to do is cry even more!

What if I told you that it is easy to change your mindset? It starts as simply as looking at things positively - your brain just understands this better.

Rather than tell yourself what you don't want to do, start by telling yourself what you do want to do. Instead of saying to myself, Don't hit the wall and then manifesting hitting the wall, had I said, I ace this turn like a boss, I would have aced the turn like a boss. My paradigm had been that I crash into things but saying the opposite started to shift my paradigm, and change the story my subconscious was trying to tell me.

Try this:

- Think of a situation that came up for you recently, that you wish had a different outcome or you had acted differently while it was unfolding. It doesn't have to be a life-changing, earth-shattering situation, just one that you can replay clearly. Preferably without crying, so, ya know, you stay focused.

- Brainstorm and list all the beliefs that you have around that situation - both negative and positive.

- Circle all the helpful, positive beliefs.

- Strikethrough [so you can still read them!] all the limiting, negative beliefs.

-Now, next to all the limiting beliefs, write the opposite. Shift them to positives.

- Read them again. There’s powerful stuff in there!

And ask yourself this:

- In what ways are these new empowering beliefs true?

- What actions would I take if I fully accepted these as true?

- What would change for me? There may be some life-changing stuff happening here!

Now, imagine when you are able to do this for ALL your limiting beliefs, and your mindset is fully shifted to a positive, empowering, badass one.

The first step is understanding what our subconscious is telling us, and shifting that into a positive that you own and control. Then, once your old subconscious sabotaging voice starts to act up and give lip, you have all the tools in your arsenal to shush that little voice and take on life, unlimited.

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