I'm Gonna Let You In On a Secret

Research shows that people who are not happy spend up to 300% more than people who are happy.

WHAT THE??? Wait for it… I’m gonna throw some more numbers your way.

A recent poll shows that American women spend on average $2300 on coffee. Each year.

And, get this: the average American spends $199 a month - 22% of their disposable income, or about $2,388 a year, just about the same as coffee - on non-essential items to “treat themselves,” according to a recent survey by ticketing platform Eventbrite and research company OnePoll.

“Many Americans feel spent because they work hard and seem to feel like they never get ahead,” Kathleen Gurney, president of Financial Psychology Corp., told Moneyish. “So spending money on ‘treating themselves’ gives them that momentary lift and good feeling.”

I know this feeling. You feel blah so head to West Elm for some new cushion covers… get home and love how your apartment looks. But in just a few weeks, that blah feeling is back. Or, you’ve decided to take my advice and do something new so you buy a concert ticket, and arrange a big night out with the girls. You have a great time, singing and dancing and forgetting all your worries and stress. Until Sunday night rolls around and you are consumed by stress and worry about going to work. To do the same job. Again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Want in on a secret?

The secret to changing your life, and feeling unstuck, is not in making that one change and hoping everything else falls into place. It’s making change itself a habit.

But first, you need to understand why you want change but at the same time are so scared of it. Remember how I said our brains are wired to protect us? I mean, this makes sense, right? Our brains want us to be protected, which keeps us safe. Problem is, we then get so stuck in doing the safe things that the idea of change becomes scary. And then we feel frustrated because we’re stuck.

I hear ya. I see you stuck in this rut. I was there. I was in a job that was so stressful I was losing my hair in clumps, had psoriasis, and drinking bottles of wine was my hobby. But I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I knew I wanted something different but had no idea how to go about it and the thought of making change happen was terrifying. And, then, when my job ended, it was the push I needed to figure my shit out.

I live my life with a motto of No Regrets - I truly feel that every decision we make is the right decision at the time. We need to own our decisions and not regret them. Learn from them yes, but regrets and shoulds don’t serve us to move forward and instead keep us stuck wondering about all the what if’s. But, my one near-regret is not figuring out that I was capable of making this change happen sooner. Of not owning it and taking my own decision to do the right thing for me.

What held me back was fear - fear of the unknown. Although to the outside world I presented myself as fearless.

When I understood the thinking that led to these feelings which gave me specific limiting beliefs, I was able to work through these and make significant lasting change. And, because I’ve been there and seen this process first hand, I know the change is possible.

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