3 Truths, no lies.

I have to be honest… I’ve found it a bit difficult to write a big life-changing post this week.

That’s because I’ve been doing less stuff that seems big. I’ve been much more focused on the daily - my routine, my training, my food choices, my being. Although I suppose all that is kinda big. But it’s all been showing up in little ways.

So, this week, I’m sharing a few of my favourite resources with you. These are things I’ve come back to this week to keep me on track.


I first came across Simon Sinek when I was a corporate leader. We used his "Start With Why" methodology to get to the reasons someone had done something the way they did so that we could coach on the best way forward. We used it to ensure we explained they why behind what we were doing to ensure our teams were bought in and inspired to do what the business wanted. And we used it as a sales technique - explain why the customer needs the item and they’ll be more likely to buy.

But now, I go back to Start With Why - and am reviewing Find Your Why - not with a business lens, but with a personal development and growth lens.

Simon Sinek - Start With Why


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been super mindful of how I’m spending my time. When I left Dubai, I had a massive clear out and ruthlessly got rid of stuff. I had a lot of it, hidden away in all my wardrobes and closets. I did the same when I left Malaysia, for practical reasons. Without a job at the time, there was no sense in paying for storage for ‘stuff’ that didn’t have value to me. I freely gave stuff away - to people that were shocked at some of the fairly new stuff I was getting rid of. While some of it may have had a moderate monetary value, none of it held any value to me. It was freeing. I’ve been applying that to how I’m spending my time. Is it valuable for me to do? Great! I’m all in! [Sweating profusely 3 times a week costs me a small fortune, yet I look forward to it because it's valuable.]

Sarah Knight talks about how we spend our time. Note that her language is NSFW. Maybe that’s part of why I like it so much. [I also swear a lot while I’m sweating.]

Sarah Knight - The Magic of Not Giving a F***


JFDI! What I’m doing is just fucking doing it. I’ve done a lot of the big things, and now I’m doing the small things. I’m doing All The Things. Just this second, I agreed to do something super scary that I was finding an excuse not to do. There’s a women’s event just down the road, and you have to speak in front of the group. And say what you do. Ack! Hello, limiting beliefs! I have a call the same day, which will finish an hour before the event starts. 2 people asked if I was going to the event, and to both, I replied, Well… It depends on when my call finishes. I KNOW what time my call finishes, and the event is literally 5 minutes away. So, the exchange went like this:

Me: Maybe we can meet for lunch if I don’t make it to the speed networking event?

V: Oooh! Are you definitely going? I’ll go if you go!

Me: Hmmm… I’m 50/50. Depends when my call finishes.

Me: Wait! No! That’s an excuse! I’m going. Would you like to join?

Hurrah! JFDI.

If you’re unhappy with your life path, take any turn possible.