A couple of weeks ago I wrote about doing All The Things. I talked about something that was super scary [turned out, it was only going to meet a group of women!] and not thinking, and just going.

I can’t lie. I haven’t been living up to that as much as I’d like, and I empathise with being afraid of taking the step and just effing doing it.

It can be so easy to overthink all the things that can go wrong. If I try to jump up that step in the middle of my run, I may trip and fall. If I try to reach up to the branch to do a pull-up, it may be too high and I may not reach it. If I get the scooter, I may not be able to open the seat or navigate out of a parking spot. Or, heaven forbid! I may just go over the edge of the shortcut and land in the rice paddy. A freaking rice paddy! Soft and muddy to break the fall. Seriously, these are all the worst things that have been running through my head. Overthinking instead of doing.

So, what is really the worst thing that can happen? If I trip jumping up the step? I may scrape my knee. If I don't reach the branch? I may land on my ass, cheeks red from the fall. If I go off the shortcut into the rice paddy? I'll be added to the one of many that have been filmed and uploaded to Facebook. Mortal embarrassment, I'm sure. Except I've seen bunches of those videos, and I have no idea who any of the people are that fell in. I may have passed them on the street [I was walking of course] or had a coffee next to them in a cafe, but I had no clue. So what am I worried about?

So, let's reframe those and put them into perspective. What is the BEST thing that can happen? If I jump up the step? I don't break my stride, I improve my balance and confidence, and my ass and legs look even more amazing. If I reach the branch? I get stronger and do my first pull up ever in my life. And if I ride a scooter? I gain time, I turn up to places not dripping with sweat, I just effing do it.

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