The One Where I Stepped Into My Greatness

I am here to stop playing small...

...To step into my greatness.

...To level the eff up.

Because when I play big, I support my clients through greater transformations.

We don’t settle for the mediocre.

We take back control and realign our identity with our SELF.

We create action to move from exasperation, frustration, fear…
… to optimism and excitement at living the extraordinary life we deserve.

We reconstruct our SELF, so that our identity isn’t linked to our job and what we do, but instead is defined by WHO WE ARE.

We enable more girls to stay in school.

We make a bigger impact and leave a legacy for our communities and our world.

I speak to my clients about getting out of their comfort zones and I lead by example.
I invest in myself with world-class coaches for my personal leadership and development. 
And I know that independence doesn’t always mean going it alone.

I commit to - 
showing up
getting over my own constructs and limiting beliefs
Accepting when I’m being called out for not playing BIG.

I am grateful for the community we are creating because none of us are playing small and our combined individuality and experience inspire me to bring my A-game.

I give myself permission to step into my greatness. 
DM me and tell me:
What does it mean for you to step into YOUR greatness?

Kristen FraneyComment