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Sound Familiar?

You are kicking ass with your amazing startup!

Your team is growing in size but not getting everything you need done.

You feel like it’d be quicker if you just did it all yourself, but there’s not enough time in the day.


I can show you how:

  • To effectively lead and coach your team to execute your mission to conquer the world!

  • To deliver high quality results with less time spent by you, so you can travel the world, make your fortune, and get shit done.


What people are saying:

- Kristen IS an amazing coach and leader - coming from someone who had the pleasure of working for her! She shaped my view of what good, and GREAT are - there is a wide chasm! Thank you.' ~ Erin, Director of Operations, USA

- Kristen has been one of the leaders who has touched and impacted my life both on personal and work levels. Thank you for inspiring me and many others. ~ Prapti, Retail Leader, Dubai and India